The objectiveness of multiplication

I’ve gone so many times through Einstein’s original papers on relativity. Years ago I decided to understand the idea of time and create the theory that enables time travelling.

Recently, I’ve come up with the following idea. We should change the mathematics from the beginning to allow foreseeing how anything behaves before the experiment. The reason why physics exists is that the mathematics ,it is based on, is not real/objective in terms of Goedel’s idea of objectiveness.

The explanation: Let s,t,v be known values of route, time and velocity (s=tv). The last formula does not work for all velocities. Why? Because we used multiplication as way of transformation that does not reflect the objective mathematics. This means we can’t fully depend on it when it comes to predicting results of experiment. Lets assume it is possible, though. From the former, it’d have to be true that mathematics allowed “objective transformation”.

The problems:
1. We don’t understand the meaning of number. We only use numbers for quantity measurements.
2. We use multiplication as transformation of two values. Multiplication for (x,y) is not reversible. Should it be in the objective world?

From mathematical perspective:
1. Problem of zero.
2. Problem of understanding numbers (objective number).
3. Problem of objective transformation.

As one may notice, these ideas are strongly connected with currently popular quantum idea of the world: this happens in mathematics as well as in physics, especially in physics. Some actions are theoretically possible but will never happen due to other, unknown restrictions.

Mathematics was designed so that our brain could on the basis of number transformation solve (where different problems are shown using numbers) more sophisticated problems. Solving those problems on the fly in memory would be more complicated. We think that the transformations, such as multiplication, well describe the world, ie. 3 rows with 7 carrots each makes 21 carrots.



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