Disproven prime conjecture

eProove or disprove the following statement.

Every at most three-dimensional and nonsymmetrical figure with integer sides only can be inscribed inside a sphere (circle) of integer radius may have at most one side prime.

Recently, I found two new proofs of irrationality of 2 and 3.

After some time the statement has been disproven. {2,11,11,13} with circumradius 7 is a counterexample. Joel Brewster Lewis helped me with that.

From my latest analysis. G. Perelman claims that Space that is described by hierarchy of riemannian metric, connected by the Ricci flow equation allows “far” (from each other) regions being close at smaller distance scale and, if we allow Ricci flow (gradient-like?) through singularities, then two regions “far” may be neighbors in another scale. I’m wondering how to redefine the need for Ricci (or similar) flow into vectors of prime numbers that define the “state” of scale and transition between states?

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