Current notion of intelligence and business

Intelligence, ie. brisk use of pidgeon principle, permuting, elementary logic, more advanced implication methodologies and tools (coefficients, cycles, theorems, functions, sequences) is not fully used (scarcely ever) due to incompleteness knowledge problems. For the sole purpose of achieving a goal we’re not even sure is a real goal. In fact, it’s nearly always not the goal- it is very unlikely.

We use intelligence to “survive” – i.e. the sofist use of the phenomenon that we’re given. It’s not us who created it. From the former we deduct our notion of business. It changes due to increase of code coverage within the incompleteness problem; in the same time, residual changes and sacrifices are required. Residuums involve big steps, always, period.

Our intelligence boils down to unpalatably uncovered gray area on our map where we use the simplest tool to uncover it. We don’t seek for good approaches- we don’t find time because we tend to conceive life in terms of surviving.

What does more intelligent person need to do? Does he/she need to do things? Could Perelman accept the flashes- what many perceive as good- in his universe? I will leave this questions unanswered?

One of my friends once pointed out that he doesn’t like people who kill others, even though they speak many languages. In the same time he liked young people fighting for things, shouting, being overly aggressive, even though they are wrong that often. It’s not all too often, though. Using edge to suppress is contradictory. Contradictions require steps to be made. Volumed incompletness within the set of steps requires residuums. Residuums involve so-called simple people (implying courage and cry)- this all ends up in very drastic actions; though, the actions are refreshing for the global conscioussness. Those people are just those not accepting the sad world that much- they need to create a better place for themselves.

Lets change things together. Lets act so that our enemies (if they exist) admire us. Memento mori. Contradiction is horrid for memento mori. If you see the contradiction, your goal is different than of those that don’t see it. Accept yourself and leave boredom away. Focus on the true reasoning. Start to act.


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