3, 2.7, 2.7, 2.33, 2.33,…

If you know the R-sequence, then see that first (k+1) blocker divided by the last k-th blocker gives the sequence:


Intereresting indeed as we see last blockers from k-th row have something great hidden within themselves. Great indeed. Then I came up with:

10/3, 104/30, 312/104,…

Of course, I’m hoping the research won’t give away (divergence) 3.14 or anything like that. Still, this looks light a breakthrough. And it all folllows directly from the assumption that 1 exists! Inevitable truth.

I’ve seen my dog lately and she has a wet nose, which -as I heard- means that she’s healthy. Yes, you can see beauty and health in actions. Let your actions make sense! It’s truly beautiful that you’re not afraid to live. One life. Focusing on things that don’t really exist is a waste of time. Go, create, change.

Dedicated to all the people that are unhappy or tired.

Shortly, by the end of the month- due dilligence and verification of progress within the product. Quality in usability (presentation level and use) and algorithms. Lets deliver top notch quality.


About misha

Imagine a story that one can't believe. Hi. Life changes here. Small things only.
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