Grigori Perelman and making +EV decisions

“Emptiness is everywhere and it can be calculated, which gives us a great opportunity. I know how to control the universe. So tell me, why should I run for a million?” G. Perelman

Thank you Grigori Perelman.

Assume the existence of a  set of 10 random beings (e.g. 10 people). One has the mathematical edge and uses the edge to construct the idea of money and build the world he seeks using the help of others. After some time, he forgets about his goals and thinks the way to live is to use the mechanism to suppress others. Then, it gets mixed up. The goals are not the goals anymore- the goal is the money itself. Why is that? Because we’re results-oriented, we tend live life randomly, with goals created by pop culture.

Then it gets dirty. We’re under stress of not knowing where to go, thus we come up with new ways to extract value using the mechanism of money. We do squeeze a lot (for more explanation, refer to poker). We 3bet a lot against people in weaker position. We can’t watch our face in the mirror anymore, at least if we understand this post.

It’s not corporate responsiblity. It’s building from scratch, starting from oneself. Harvard Business Review, in one of Their documents, explained that one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make is to cheat to oneself. Goging further with this- we do this a lot, just because of the tension we cannot handle. We tend to think of life in terms of its length; in the same time we don’t have a moment to talk to a bear.

Then comes Perelman. This is not a sacrifice. This is a more in-depth understanding of the world. He knew the universe he knows expects that from him, that’s straightforward logic.

Create together with others, for common good, don’t suppress others or just understand what your goal is. Stop being results-oriented. My beloved Professor once said “you will see who runs the country, who runs the business, who runs the world”.

Thank you Grigori Perelman for not accepting the worthless nothings.

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