Jugde the pi. Actually pi (x)- part one

Above, we take divide i-th row by (i+1) row and call this table R1-sequences. As you know, the sequences have their limit in 1/2, which reminds us of the Zeta from Riemann.  Had we associated colors with the n-th R1 sequence (from each row), we’d had a characteristic rainbow. I haven’t spotted anything within the R1 sequences yet, but have found something interesting regarding the pi .

We know the previous approximations:

22 / 7 3.142857142857
355 / 113 3.1415929203539823
312689 / 99532 3.1415926536189366233
21053343141 / 6701487259 3.1415926535897932384623817427748

Notice where these numbers appear in R-sequence chart. We could then add 66/21 and potentially much more. We’d conjecture one: 4-divisor number (the same row as 83 from prime numbers) divded by 66 and so on. I’m not expecting this to be that straightforward but hope this is at least a trace and the canning resemblance has its roots in something truly deep.

Moreover, I would claim that pi is just one of the “pi” numbers that characterize the universe and it is only the results of what I had stated in the post about the origin of numbers and multiplication (and Goedel objective existence of a number).

I’d conjecture pi might be recognized as a specific result coming from a deep idea governing the universe. And our approach is to handle pi whereas in the same time we should elaborate on the idea of objective existence.

Focus on what you know and in games of incomplete knowledge, focus on ideas that you know best (the biggest difference in equtiy times the size of the pot). Then you gonna win at all possible stakes, but in the same time you will not understand this if you still have mediocre and poor wishes about this life.

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