Szymborska and imperfections: case study (quotations)

One life. No Boltzmann’s end-game decisions, no Ramanujan’s cry, no hiding and end-game in full transperency and truth. Quotations with additional ideas.

All imperfection is easier to tolerate if served up in small doses.

Also, variance games when we act with no purpose in the horizon. No real goals.

All the best have something in common, a regard for reality, an agreement to its primacy over the imagination.

Yes, we want to get out of the undefined box using the so-called imagination. That’s great, but the very limited process of observation is – in some way- *more true* in the context of our perception capabilities. Still, our perception is nearly always wrong.

Any knowledge that doesn’t lead to new questions quickly dies out: it fails to maintain the temperature required for sustaining life.

Great, indeed, but not always right if we assume that direct access to truth is possible. Why would de Alambert, Leibniz or von Neumann (or Hardy) need to ask for things emblematic to gods.

In every tragedy, an element of comedy is preserved. Comedy is just tragedy reversed.

Seems simplified, but from a cursory viewpoint. Bijections et al. Too much wording, too little understanding. Great indeed.

Life lasts but a few scratches of the claw in the sand.

Therefore, such importance of quality-based decisions. But that’s not true what I said. This should not affect our focus. It’s just for imagination purposes.

And I will end with:

You can find the entire cosmos lurking in its least remarkable objects.


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