Deciphering a cryptogram – contribute to the analysis

I would like to ask you for help in the analysis of one of the cryptograms I’m working on. Below part of it:

(TEnE TFRnE   ncBRTSE    ncBE***) (FLRSE    PRSE on    DE    71    ncBE)

(CDnSE  PRSE    on   SE   74    ncBE) (PR *SE    PRSE    on    REDE    75    ncBE)

 (194  WLD‘S     ncBE) (JRFXL)

Please, note that ncBE appears very often in the cryptogram, as well as PRSE, RcBR and WLD. “L”, “S” and “R” appear often among many letters, which might mean those are vowels. “N”, “E”, “L”, “R”, “S”, “T” appear often in the cryptogram, which might lead to comparisons with keyboard.

*** – means I didn’t understand the signs, so could not write anything there.


Due to the incoming requests from the readers (this blog does not have too many readers), I’m enclosing the full picture of the cryptogram.

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4 Responses to Deciphering a cryptogram – contribute to the analysis

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