Ossowiecki attacks brilliant creators?

Imagine you don’t believe in mantra of singals enabling you to secretly send smooth, elegant, viable singals travelling to Alfa Centauri. You claim to be an ingenious mathema- tician, with robust, volatile imagination. It’s contradictory. I did not realize that for many years. One.

Second. Results from the former. Scepticism makes no sense. Lets assume correctness of conjecture (with no evidentiary support). Contradiction again. Ossowiecki, Richet.

Third, using thoughts to transmit singals and intuition to interpolate messages makes sense. But we destroy the sense of music and true love, by sceptically neglecting truths because of our brain limitations. My former problem for ages. Ossowiecki.

The creators do create because they somehow receive the signals, often without the knowledge of the source of the message. Take Tesla or Ramanujan. Don’t throw diamonds to pigs. Will work badly for us. Creator is not a mathematician that is great at counting all of the derivatives. Ossowiecki. It’s the one open to experiences, love, truth, energy, non-sceptical one. Interested in truth only. Again, Ossowiecki.

Creator is different from mechanically working people. These people are extremely rare and – by definition – need to exploit skill to provide out of the box quality. They access the hidden messages. Creator does not need anything for himself. By definition.

Creator could use the edge to be a great boxer, a great professor, a great lover, a great hacker, a great poker player. The strongest ones could use intelligence edge to seek ineffable, frail and fragile “winnings”, but – by definition – should not. More, you take what you deserve (you want fragile winnings, and you’re strong enough to get them, but weak enough to see contradictions), including energy you spread to others. You can’t sell the gift for mortal, constrained nothings. Stay lucid, focus on faces, on eyes, on moves, be brisk and act accurately. Why would you be interested to be good at things that are simply waste of time? You need a reason. Ossowiecki. Perelman. Feynmann. Einstein at the end of his life (saying sorry partially).

Imagine an action. It must make sense. To make anything pure you need to access it directly and you can’t sell it. You don’t extract value via squeeze, by definition.

Imagine you love. Act beyond, use lucidity, spread your energy, leave nothing for pride and low energies. Let your actions make everything clear. Tesla dies in poverty. Travel far, stay firm, see entangled spaces. You might have normal existence (or, at least, to reasonable extent), you don’t need to run from anything, but you should never forget about your strength. If you understand it, then most of the code coverage problems disappear due to lack of plausible options.

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Imagine a story that one can't believe. Hi. Life changes here. Small things only.
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