A story about a geometry and a number (introduction, elementary)

Finding quantity of an object. That implies counting in set theory, building up the foundations for the very theory. One.

Two. Fundamenal Theory of Alebra combined with Fourier transform, ie. hologram of a number. Its presentation in multidimensional space.

Three. Goedel’s attempts at conjecturing the objective existence of numbers. If a number exists itself, its geometry exists itself, and it has its reason. Lets assume it’s only the prime numbers we’re elaborating on (due to the FTA).

Four. Preliminaries to showing up the goemetry of an object by the use of tensors and geometrical representation of addition. What if addition does not exist? In this sense that it results from a certain operation but does not objectively exist itself. To understand this approach, please rethink the following.

Assume a being exists. Assume it gets older. Assume it would not get older hadn’t it been for the velocity of its travel (forming its geometrical represntation; see- works from dr Perelman, G.). Lets conjecture that velocity of certain sub-system is defined by its geometry, which results in its mass and structure. Assume that the first part of the implication is predefined. In such a system (and any of its-subsystems? probably not!) you would not get older. Still, we assumed you get older. In order to avoid the contradiction lets now notice that there’s a difference in defining getting older in the given sense. Last potential contradiction regarding our existence (we assumed we exist) can be omitted as we don’t need to exist in the “normally perceived” sense to conjecture the model.

Enclosed my analysis of addition in the context of chemistry. Attempt to represent numbers as objects and adding them, analyzing quadratic residues and character of the output numbers.

Be such so that your foes you don’t have need to admire you as far as they understand what’s happening.


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