(the) Ballad for a descending object

Pushing the surface

You put an object on the ground that pushes the surface as long as surface deploys a force to restrain the very object from descending, i.e. Newton’s laws that defines connection between mass and force. From the definition of energy combined the the rule of energy preservation we should rethink the known saying that the amount of forces is not fixed. Knowing that the universe changes its geometry, even using the current definition of energy, we should not conjecture that gravity pulls a bigger of two balls stronger so that it falls in the same time. It actually falls in the same time, but it’s the goemetry of the object that makes the difference, hence need for mass redifinition.

Geometry and structuring

For the sake of simplification lets assume there exists only one type of particle. This particle is used then to build up all the elements. What decides upon the character of the output element (made of the particles) is its geometry. We can use the particles using the knowledge of the universe to manipulate its structure.

Geometry and metamathematics, and Goedel

Another problem here is that in order to be able to travel to Alfa Centauri we need to be able to connect two points and make one point. No introduction, but in order to understand the following sentence you need to know that a singularity is a situation where matter is forced to be compressed to a point or a situation where certain light rays come from a region with infinite curvature. By infinite I will always understand “a very big prime number” (such situations occur in black holes?, at least its often conjectured this way).

And the sentence I mentioned is:

If we define geometry of an object using one particle model, then we define its internal “forces” and its “energy”, and forces between the elements of the objects and other objects, and that combined with Hamilton and Perelman’s works on topology and differential geometry and Poincare’s problems on integrating the curvatures (and his problems with geometry) shows us a chance to find (as Poincare had it) “frequencies” or eigenvalues of objects that are mutually resonant, which would mean they have an element with the same divisor. Such doors can be open. I would enclose my painting but will need to rethink it, will post it then assuming you are interested.

Below two things that made me think about this. Who are you and what idea you represent in this life? Who am I? To be continued.


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