The clock is ticking. Machine is turned on.

Speaking in terms of game theory, John Nash said that we need to think about others, not only about ourselves, thus we think more about ourselves.

Speaking in terms of economics:

1. Introduction of money (historical fact) that has its representation in gold (production)

2. Introduction of “paper money” (no representation in gold anymore)

3. Guarantee of nominal value of money (government does that).

4. More production that consumption. The remains go to granaries of the billionaires. This leads to decrease in production.

5. Less production, less demand, increase in the amount of goods in granaries (billionaires).

6. Less need to create as the billionaires want to have control, more more unemployment. Further limitation in demand (people can’t afford anything).

7. Fear, anger, aggression, crying. Tension.

8. Government gives obligations (“borrows” money from billionaires), money goes for investments in roads,bridges, armies, social. This does not increase the amount of goods on the market, but demand grows. DEBT of countries is created.

9. More demand, more production. Countries with more and more debt.

10. The moment when the billionaires want their money back.

11. Either cuts in payments, limitations of investments, higher taxes or bankruptcy.

12. Country can’t give back money fast. Everyone knows that for a lot of time.

13. This leads to tension. And..

Where are the logical mistakes? What is the economy for? What is bank for?

1. Don’t think in terms of you only. Others are your brothers, sisters, families. Create bigger families. Understand you cannot pay so that people cry. Tension grows.

2. Virtual money does not exist. Virtual debts don’t exist. Armies defending capitalism should rethink their strategies. Tension grows.

3. Limitation of production (on purpose) just to make people quiet won’t work for long anymore. More and more people begin to understand things. Tension grows.

4. Start from yourself, act so that you don’t hurt others. Then think about economically perfect algorithms. Of course, R&D requires more money for development due to higher initial costs of analysis and introduction of products to the market. But, the true talents should not use their talent for creating a pile of worthless nothing created on the cries, desolation and despair.

5. Create for the good reasons. Money itself is not enough of a reason for you to create.

6. Ask yourself “who am I”.

Speaking in terms of more in-depth mathematics, you are not “yourself”, you just act as being from global conscioussness. Your “edge” for doing things (your talent) should be used for the good of life. Patience and time don’t exist- just focus on decisions.

For everyone who knows me (better or worse), the time comes. I would be in love so many times, but I probably need to act beyond that. Can’t fight destination by definition. To understand the destination might take a lot of energy.

Would I find time, I’d give explanations for accusations or unfair judgements, but I’ve never cared about those. Those never come from people like me. By definition of variance (crowd), a value way above the average needs to be whacked, but it is okay. I understand that. Just look at my face and the face of the jugde. Everything becomes clear.

One bad thing about all this is that there are many people who understand this and still this path is chosen as there are specific solutions to handling tension and anger using the mechanisms of squeeze (strength) which is basically based on command & conquer, which others don’t understand. Give away the minimum as far as the tension is not near the risk borderline. If it is too close, handle the tension. Never let people think about their state. Never let people think about others. This philosophy is dying due to positive synergistic effect. This had to happen. Of course, some people don’t care about it. Still, their children will understand more. Who are you in this life?

Below, a short note. Should be hidden as the final equation is not correct (lacks ^-1 taken from reciprocal formula using Mobius function and involves all the non-square-free numbers). Still, placed it here in case someone wants to get inspired.

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