Simple as life ie. predicate of motion induced blindness

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been talking to nearly 200 people with schizophrenia and almost 30 drug-addicts. I wanted to understand these blurred visions look like. Whose visions are more blurred? Ours?

People with schizophrenia claim to have visions and hear things we usually don’t. This is nowwhere near as close to the psychiatric definition, though. Still, for the sake of simplification, this will be our definition.

Some people are told they are sick, and thus they take medications. Some people don’t believe that medicine will help them- this is the minority of the people I talked to.

When it comes to the notion of vision, it is straightforward to show potential simultainety of two visual renderings. It is also straightforward to show that our vision (the vision of the “regular” people) is vulnerable to numerous weaknesses, e.g. different behaviour of object at different contrasts, brain auto-adjustments (often incorrect), motion induced blindness, incapability of processing global motion fast enough to avoid overload (and thus limit the amount of objects rendered), after-effects, etc. (for more, learn more about optical illusions). Also, Earth moves, which will be omitted.

We tell those people what they should see and what they should not see, whereas in every intelligent (capable of understanding a proof) court, it is straightforward to exploit any lawyer stating certain things about certain drives for action of a sick person(even if the provided evidentiary support involves contains probability-based argumentation, proof of which will be left for the careful readers).

One part of the post has just ended, but is strongly connected with the second one. When people from the part one feel extremely tired of their situation (we usually think only in the context of ourselves, our family and friends), they sometimes cannot withstand it, turning themselves into passive singal receivers. Also, this might lead to taking drugs.

I’ve talked to two types of people who were taking drugs. One group received help and helped others. The other group was still taking drugs and willing to take more to blurr the vision. Once, in a restaurant, a Brad Pitt-looking guy came to my table when I was discussing with my friends the potential legislation of drugs. He cried out his story about a sad life and about people who decide who should and who should not survive.

Again, the vision problem. Why do people want to blurr their vision? This is a good question. In vast majority, people need to have reason to put blurr on their vision by themselves. Secondly, this reason is, in vast majority, pejorative. Thirdly, the society is perplexed and occupied with their “own” goals.

Knowing that our vision is so blurred already, how can we judge that simply other types of visions? Knowing that there are people so sad to abandon the sunrise, how can we think of the problems related to worthless things?

Last thing, but most difficult to understand. Voltaire, in his sketch of proof, claimed that he does not need to care if “god” exists, in a sense that he does not need to care if he is expected to make good decisions. This is untrue, because – based on personal situation- we face the same problems differently, ie. the problem poses a different issue for different people.

Remember that steady fixation favours disappeareance of objects and motion-accustomed movement favours after-effects influencing further vision. The same applies to brain, in a sense that it is strongly affected by all types of factors, including weather. Really. One might not believe how much.

Think more about others. Please.

It’s for your own protection. It’s for your own good.

The most beautiful thing you might have in this life is love. But, not the love you think of. For the sake of simplification, I’d say that the most beautiful thing that may happen to the society now is sadness, which probably means that there are going to be new big wars. To understand love holistically, ie. to understand it truly, we need to want to it. Or, you could do it using intelligence if this is your gift, but intelligence in this life is sadness itself. Still, nowadays so many people claim to be either intelligent or emphatic, but this means nothing. Actions are important, they make the difference, a change within our hearts, which is not easy to achieve and which does not require big words.

I’m neither emphatic nor intelligent.

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