Colours of rainbow

Take \Xi matrix and p2^n conjecture from earlier posts. Associate numbers of colours, but assume the infiniteness of colours (cardinality of aleph null), due to ordering of integers. You will see a a rainbow. Hoist the colours.

Introduction to R_2 function. R(3)=0, because 3 * 2^0=3, which is a blocker. R(5)=1, because 5*2^1=10, which is a blocker.

R(3)=0, R(5)=1,R(7)=2,R(11)=3,R(13)=3,R(17)=4,R(19)=4,R(23)=5,R(29)=5,R(31)=5, R(37)=6, etc. Better understanding of this function will allow better understanding of the distribution of primes.

Due to bad endorsement procedures @arXiv (which would not accept works from e.g. Ramanujan, Fermat or Riemann (read more about his proofs)), I decided to place my two recent documents @viXra, ie.

Update on investment.


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