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From spectral analysis towards the Goldbach Conjecture

Given the spectral analysis from the previous post, we may notice that the presence of [1,1] is relevant to the GC. Potential absence of [1,1] for an even number would disprove the conjecture. Still, my computational research did not allow … Continue reading

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Number spectral analysis

In terms of transformations, I have always liked the idea behind the Laplace, X and Fourier transforms (also Mellin’s). I also loved the geometrical approach to tasks, hence last post about a tangible similarity between lattice coverage and primes (geometry). … Continue reading

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Lenstra->Bailey-> Triangle->pidgeon (ant) movement analysis, pi

From Lenstra(s) and Lovasz (LLL), till PSLQ in ten years (with improvements, almost two decades). One of the remarkable results of the algorithm is Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe (BBP formula), ie. Furthermore, all those combined with polylogarithms (using the ladder mechanism), allowed implementation … Continue reading

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