Discussion with the red sequence

Red-prime shows a relation of n-blocker to the correspoding prime number. Below, the chart. No Holy Grail as not deserved yet, looking for most obvious connection between the R-sequence and the primes, somewhat knowing the connection itself is not of this complexity.

The relation between the lowest n-blocker (for each column of \Xi matrix) and the corresponding prime (in the same row to the very n-blocker) sketched below. At first sight looked linear a bit, but then it was obvious it is not, but checked.

Then, I thought that we could create a tree of n-blockers and depict the character of connection between the next blockers and the groups of n-blockers. First try was not very good but it let me find a couple of directions I will use to create yet another one blocker-graph. Still, I am enclosing (below) my recent sketch so that it’s clear what I am driving at.

Today, I have been working with a newly introduced function. For every integer n >1, f(2n)= p_1 , for 2n=p_1+p_2, p_1<p_2. Getting closer to the GC, which – I think- should be closely connected with the Riemann hypothesis, albeit it’s usually claimed otherwise. I calculated a couple of values of the function. Looks like again slowly increasing function we have no clue as how to reverse engineer.


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