Philosophical amusement about life for a short moment. What is real?

If we think when the time started and when it will end (if at any point of time), then we start to think of things that are beyond our current comprehension capabilities. Our logic is based on axioms and those are not even close to objective. For more reference, see more about Kurt Goedel on logic or Georg Cantor (and Henri Poincare) on set theory. We deal with infinity having vague idea as how to grasp it. The same applies to the ideas of birth and death.

If anything is to make sense at all, it’s not about a fixed goal for everyone, because we are different.

If anything is to make sense at all, it’s not about believing in a fixed statement told by people (for instance, religions), as this can be falsely delivered (and perceived). Given that, one should be able to grasp the idea about own’s life by himself.

If anything is to make sense at all, as one must be able to grasp own idea behind one’s life and there exist people with different little intelligence, including those with minimal one and every life should make sense, one must be able to grasp the idea behind life with the use of the intelligence of the being of the minimal intelligence. Every being includes not only people, but also animals and plants, ie. exactly every existent being. The same applies to signals that we receive using our sensors. Imagine a person that does merely  hears, sees, speaks, feels and understands fragrance.

If anything is to make sense at all, it can be either we can all use the combination of our sensors (a group of beings, potentially all the beings) to learn more about the world (assuming there exists no being of no intelligence) or one should not use own sensors at all for looking for a reasoning for own life.

If the former is true, then the reason is not about own life, but something that goes beyond our own life and involves all the beings. If the latter is true, then as one cannot understand (grasp) the reasoning by himself, then it must be predetermined and not available for understanding. Then, if so, would our decisions make any difference?
Given that you’d know the predefined goal of the beings (“the Goal”, as is) and are incapable of changing it, see: the “book of God” in the earlier posts, you can understand as much as it is possible for a given moment, but no more. For a very moment your decision makes a difference for you at the moment.
In the paragraph before we have used the term “moment” many times. It is the moment that matters for us, for our current understanding. Thus, every decision before the very moment could be wrong but what counts is the final decision, hence various religions introducing the idea of forgiveness. I have doubts whether conjecturing that the function of decision quality is increasing would not be simply stating the fact. Still, for a moment, I need to accept the incapability of judging in the area.

And as of now, should we agree that a moment passes just after it appears thus every other decision is taken in a different moment that it started. Thus, every decision happens in a different moment, which implies that if there is inifnite number of decisions that we have we could represent any being with a prime number and all decisions and life line with all the numbers that are multiplications of the very prime. Every interaction between beings would involve the multiplication of their primes numbers.


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