From the idea of M-tree to number M transformation

Firstly, short elaboration on the decimal system and similar systems (e.g. binary) in general. The primitive of the number shown in the very system carries information about its value (quantity related), i.e. does not carry information about the connections between this and other primitives (digits).  Currently, from what we understand about digits is that everything we learn from them is the absolute quantitative information. Still, say, Alice has 4 eggs and Bob has 3 eggs. Could we learn more?

Take 2838195719. Divide the digits into subgroups: (28)(38)(19)(57)(19). For all subgroups find prime divisor list (exclude 1): (2,2^2,7)(2,19)(19)(3,19)(19). Find if you can find a connection between the divisors for subgroups for the entire number.

For instance, here:


The M-transformation returns as the output the path built from the numbers connected with a red line. Can this information help us to decide about primarility?


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