Not as to the truth, but as to the importance + a couple of notes

Galois’ father committed a suicide after a political dispute. People should do politics to influence lives of a wider range of people, hence Galois being close to optimal, wanted to participate, sharing himself the hard way. For instance, he is supposed to have said: “..society should be reorganized along industrial lines and the role of spiritual leaders should be taken by scientists..”, i.e. people do what they are capable of (industrial lines), we take advantage of each talent,  and we the “scientists” judge the strategy, creating better strategy to build societies than the ones based on compulsion (you have to do things that are not your dreams).

Lets start with Galois today, from his to his friend,  i.e. Galois writing to Chevalier: Ask Jacobi or Gauss publicly to give their opinion, not as to the truth, but as to the importance of these theorems. Later there will be, I hope, some people who will find it to their advantage to decipher all this mess. To grasp Galois’ vision of life: Genius is condemned by a malicious social organisation to an eternal denial of justice in favour of fawning mediocrity. His another input of this kind was: There are a few things left to be completed in this proof. I have not the time. 

He did not have much time working on group theory, Galois theory and a new type of politics for the mankind. Observation that enabled him to solve numerous compass and straightedge problems, as well as find the connection between the permutation groups and the roots of a polynomial, was also the key to the final staged suicide duel. When you do not rule, you either accept it given what you see, or you fail to do so.

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