Observation for greatness of noble understanding- learn from Leonardo da Vinci!

Leonardo da Vinci was a phenomenal observer. Rather than generalizing big, given the times when he lived, he embarked on a beautiful journey of observation. He learnt about the given, caring about details. Not having a chance to generalize at scale (what we can do with experimental mathematics, data, machine learning) during his life, he became 

a careful observer of mechanisms. Learnt from many sources: human body and environment, introduced to recommend solutions to known problems. Problems below are incorrectly numbered- that will encourage the reader to take a closer look at the picture.

– picture 1- exploiting an iterative inclined plane to have part of work done by “gravity”
– picture 2- exploiting inner energy preserving elasticity
– picture 3- as in 1, exploiting the circular shape
– picture 4,5- exploiting observation: move your wing, copying birds’ behavior
– pictures 6- transform energy to move, potentially “faster”
– picture 7- observing life, since its first moments
– picture 8- observing the contruction of leg
– picture 9- walk on water – water “preserving form” (close to invariants)
– picture 10- mechanisms of defence: define the problem, handle its most informative features

1 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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