Pondering over the big picture of big problems

Big problems

I have recently read the words from Bill Gates: brightest people should help solving brightest problems. (link below)


Just wanted to mention that just by definition those will (since their “observable” defines tasks for them). Of course, there is yet another question that much talent is lost due to lack of proper training, and this is was is addressed by Gates. Yes, people who are capable of observing it and enforcing the mechanism of talent support, should do it, assuming the exploitation of talent should be the optimization goal.

I would like to add one thing here. I think that we should also try to discover new types of  talents and understand better what “talent” is, so that we can help others flourish with what they had been given. In the perfect mechanism optimizing the exploitation of talent, we should help people not only observe who they are but also focus on exploiting what they had been given. In the boundary case, an arbitrary being would do what he thinks is to be done. Surely, we cannot do for the wide range of people, but it is already a practice to listen rather than dictate what to do in case of those talents.

Yet another issue is that we should understand that learning about the world can be done in many ways. We should exploit much of what is given by letting people flourish with what they have.


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