My time and space experiments – 1

1. Particle-wave behavior: Does there exist a model which incorporates both? Can we use prime numbers for it (frequency-like scheme and interger-based minimal integer value)

The answer is: quantum field theory.

2. Light sources: two light sources at both ends of a spring are emitted in opposite directions. What is the speed at which the spring extends?

3. Would full determinism mean that God cannot exist, since would exist no such object which would not be able to do whatever he wants?

4. Does there exist a mathematical formalism (model) in particle physics that assumes that the existence of an infinite number of different, yet smallest particles (building blocks)?

5. Does the uncertainty principle imply the non-deterministic universe, or just the fact that our model based on observation can be at most non-deterministic? (this question has already been asked, below a good link)

+ my latest task:

For a fixed n \in N, there exists at least one prime among the integers of the form 2^{k}n+2^k-1 for an arbitrary k \in N.

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