Love and various poems

Poems: My love     do_i_exist    all   niktes   notlost1   whenleaves   thecurse   tm    aricat

cursian    m   dontfollow

My (requires much work) vision of what love is:

1. Love is a strategy that involves acting in the best possible way for life. Explanation: life includes everything (Tesla); strategy (mechanism theory, game theory); “my” best possible way is defined for me, not only by me; just because it is the best possible way for life does not mean that we should not kill animals or plants.

1.1. Love does not have a reason (meaning that you should always respond with love, but it has a reason in a sense that it is understood as some sort of “perfect” interaction (this “perfection” is there for some reason)). Explanation: it is just the most effective way of interaction; being together does not imply love- for the sake of simplicity, I will call it ‘a relationship’; it implies that:

1.1.1. Love is not selective. Explanation: if it does not have a reason, then we have to love all.

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Imagine a story that one can't believe. Hi. Life changes here. Small things only.
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